Rent to Own

Temp Rent to Own - Blue Onyx Management - Day1At Blue Onyx Management, we are happy to offer our residents a number of rent-to-own options that make it easy to put money towards owning your own property while renting

We also offer various properties for sale through a traditional sales process using FHA or conventional mortgage loans.

Rent to Own: Option 1

Are you in the process of repairing your credit, waiting for a loan approval, or saving for a down payment? If you wish to own one of our many properties, we will allow you to move into your desired property now with affordable rent until you are able to get the mortgage you need to call it your own.

Rent to Own: Option 2

Have you been pre-approved for a mortgage, but want to live in your property now while you complete the mortgage process? We allow prospective buyers to pay the monthly rent in addition to a set amount that will be placed in escrow and then later applied to your down payment and closing costs.

Land Contract (Contract-to-Deed)

We provide a number of properties for sale through convenient and affordable land contracts. With the land contract process, prospective buyers make an agreement directly with the seller, who then finances the property directly to the buyer at an agreed-upon price. The buyer will then get immediate occupancy while repaying the loan in monthly installments to the seller.

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For more information about our various rent-to-own options, or to request a list of properties available for purchase, contact our office today to speak to a community representative.